About The Group

Welcome to Wadihuda Group

Wadihuda Group Of Institutions, managed under Ta'aleemul Islam Trust Kerala, was established in 1980 with the noble aim of promoting high quality education and expanding social services.
What makes our institution unique is the beautifully blended syllabus, which integrates both formal education along with islamic studies providing a high degree of intellectual excellence and imparting moral values in our students.
Wadihuda Campus and Institutions nestle at Madai, renowned for its serene beauty of nature. This calm and quiet hillock has set its marks in the history too. One of the first eleven mosques in Kerala established by Malik Bin Deenar is situated at Madai. Asia's biggest naval academy (Ezhimala) lies in close proximity to the Campus.
Ta'aleemul Isalm Trust stand ahead in the fields of education socio-cultural activities and services. Our dreams are yet to bear fruits in many fields. To fulfil these , we do need the support and encouragement from all our well wishers. We hope the very name WADIHUDA will be inscribed in golden letters in the history.


To be a centre of excellence nurturing leaders to develop an ideal society.


To focus on building a caring and inclusive culture through sensitizing the student populace.

To invest in inculcating human, social and ethical values by promoting reflective practices.

To strive for a progressive, just and egalitarian social order by ensuring equal opportunity to all.

To encourage global perspectives on tolerance and understanding for the prevalence of universal brotherhood.

To manifest as a learning organization through continuous research and adoption of best practices.